Lockport Love 2014 Accomplishments Due To Your Generosity

Lockport Love 2014 Accomplishments Due To Your Generosity

1) Paid the mortgage payment for three families in desperate financial need
2) Put a transmission and brakes on a car that allowed a mother to find a job and help provide for her family.
3) Put a roof on a house that will allow the two sick children that live there to be in a dry healthy environment.
4) Paid 6 large medical and dental bills which helped give the families financial peace of mind
5) Purchased a complete wardrobe for 4 kids that desperately needed clothes and help them to fit in.
6) Paid 9 utility bills for families
7) Gave away $500 in gift cards to Aldi for needy families
8) Gave to needy families $2,000 in gift cards for gas, clothing, and food
9) Provided Christmas presents for all children of Lockport Love recipients

Below is Just One of the 15 Lockport Love Family’s/Recipient From 2014

A 13 year old boy had 7 open heart surgeries and his mother had to quit her job to care for him. The boy’s father is very hard working and works every chance he can get, including all weekends, to pay the mounting medical bills. Although the family is tens of thousands of dollars in debt from medical bills, when asked what Lockport Love can do to help, the father asked that Lockport Love    provide Christmas gifts and pay one small bill.

Lockport Love paid the medical bills for the family that would have affected their ability to purchase the rented house where they reside in the future. Lockport Love also purchased Christmas gifts for the 13 year old boy and had Santa, firemen, Cops and Lockport Love members deliver the gifts.

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