What is Lockport Love?


Lockport Love is a nonprofit organization that was created to raise money throughout the year in an effort to give back to community families that are in need.


How will families be selected?

 Annually members of the Lockport Love committee will collect nominations for families burdened with misfortunes from schools, churches, and other organizations. The committee reviews the recommendations and chooses nominees who are most in need of assistance. The only requirement is that the recipient must reside in the Lockport area.                          

What does Lockport Love do with donations?

Lockport Love raises money all year long through fundraisers and donations from generous businesses and individuals.  Our upcoming fundraiser is a Candlelight Bowl at Strike and Spare in Lockport on Friday, May 4th.  Don’t worry about being a top ranked bowler for this event…it’s all about fun, food and friends!


In 2017 Lockport Love took the generous donations received throughout the year, plus the money that we raised at our fundraisers and spread the “Love” throughout Lockport at Christmas time.  We take nominations from schools, churches and social workers.  These nominations are for individuals/families who are truly in need.  The need might be a loss of job, illness of a family member or any “hardship” that a family or individual is going through. We are neighbors helping neighbors.  Here are some of the families/individuals that we helped in 2017:

  • A hard working lady, who had removed herself from an abusive relationship and was trying to make it on her own.  She was working two jobs, but her car was in terrible disrepair and was causing her to miss work.  A generous couple donated their vehicle to Lockport Love.  We had a mechanic get it in top working order and donated it to this lady, who now has a reliable vehicle to get to and from her jobs!  We helped her get caught up on some of her bills, too!
  • A single mom with a special needs child had fallen behind in her rent and other bills due to some health issues that she herself was experiencing.  Lockport Love paid her rent, helped with utility bills for the cold winter months and gave her various gift cards to help her buy things for Christmas.
  • A grandma and grandpa with guardianship of their 4 grandchildren were nominated.  They were working hard trying to make ends meet and trying their best with the children, but really needed a “Christmas boost”.  Lockport Love paid their December house payment, water bill, gas bill and then showered the children with new school clothes, games and toys for Christmas.  We also provided a pizza gift card so that the kids could have a “pizza party” over Christmas break. 
  • We helped a homeless veteran, a couple with a husband fighting cancer, a widow with two children, a number of single moms and an entire homeless family.

These are just SOME of the people of Lockport that we helped in 2017.  In previous years we also put new roofs on homes and remodeled portions of homes where families took in homeless people.

Now….WHAT CAN YOU DO to help Lockport Love get ready for the 2018 Christmas Season? 

  1. We accept any monetary donation, no matter how small ( your donations are completely tax deductible).  Gift cards of any type are accepted – gas stations, grocery stores, fast food restaurants/pizza, Wal Mart, Target….any and all of these are so very helpful to our families.  You can also donate on our web site through Paypal
  2. When we have our fundraisers, such as our bowling event coming up, we take donations of “raffle baskets” that we raffle off.   All of the money raised from these baskets go directly to help families in need.  We have had many different “themes” of baskets – “Italian”, “Sports”, “Tastefully Simple”, “Bath & Body”, sporting event tickets, etc.
  3. Come to Strike and Spare and join us!  $25/person includes bowling, Mexican food and lots of fun!
  4. Sign up to help with events in the future. You can do this at our web site.


All of the money raised by Lockport Love goes directly to helping the people of Lockport Township.  We have no “overhead” – everyone is a volunteer.

On a Saturday in December, Lockport Love volunteers, families and friends plus Lockport Police and Fire, all join together in a procession with lights and sirens and drive to the homes of each nominated family with children.  Santa rides on the Fire Truck and hands out gifts and toys to the kids at these homes as we sing Christmas carols.


If you wish to help a good cause and donate to Lockport Love, or if you want to join the procession next December and see directly how you are able to help!  We will welcome you!

You can always email us at Info@Lockportlove.com and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!